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【MARiA×GYFT by H>FRACTAL - Open collar long shirt(BLACK)】

【MARiA×GYFT by H>FRACTAL - Open collar long shirt(WHITE)】

Open collar long shirt with Japanese motifs.

Using a cloth that is very familiar to the skin and feels good.

Sleeves around the relaxed sleeve with a satin ribbon

You can enjoy the change of silhouette.

It's free size so you can wear it regardless of men's ladies.

Size FREE: Shoulder width 57 cm, Width 64 cm, Sleeve length 55 cm, Length 84.5 cm

Material: Rayon 100%


【MARiA×GYFT by H>FRACTAL - choker(RED)】

A impressive choker with a tassel.

Easy to fit even monotone style,

An item that has a simple but still presence.

It is also recommended to wear a set well with compatibility with China button bangle.

Adjustable size.

Size FREE: neckline / 28 - 33 cm, top (tassel) / vertical 5 cm wide 1 cm

Material: Cowhide, alloy



Bangle incorporating China button as a motif.

Coordinate with simple design with presence

It can also be used as an accent item.

I also recommend wearing in a set well compatible with the tassel choker.

Size FREE: inner circumference 14.5 cm, width 3 cm

Material: Alloy, Leather